Welcome to C2C Innovative Solutions, Inc.

C2C Innovative Solutions, Inc. (C2C) is a nationally recognized leader providing a diverse range of health care solutions, including administrative management, medical decision-making, health care support services, claim-level appeals management, dispute resolution, and others. Our people are our greatest asset. Our company fosters an organizational culture that embraces honesty, integrity and respect. Our employees perform their duties with our corporate values in mind: "Integrity, Quality and Value driving Continuous Improvement with PRIDE (Passion for our customers, Responsibility to seek innovative solutions, Initiative to make things better, Discipline to strive for excellence, and Enthusiasm for the future)."

We deliver exceptional results for our customers. Our team members have in-depth knowledge of medical decision-making, review and analysis in all medical settings, including outpatient and inpatient care, ambulance services, skilled nursing facility, nursing home, hospice and home health services. We have extensive legal expertise and vast experience reviewing medical and non-medical cases to render fair and impartial determinations.

As indicated on the CMS.gov webpage, The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 was enacted Dec. 27, 2020, and contains many provisions to help protect consumers from surprise medical bills starting in 2022. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) exclusively chose C2C to be the very first Selected Dispute Resolution (SDR) Entity under the No Surprises Act (NSA) to resolve disputes between uninsured or under-insured individuals and providers. We are also an approved CMS Independent Dispute Resolution (IDR) Entity to resolve disputes between providers and health insurance plans.

Learn more about how we can help by selecting the tabs on this site. You can also learn more through these links: No Surprises Act, protections for consumers, understanding costs in advance to avoid surprise bills, and what happens when payment disagreements arise after receiving medical care.

Quality Focused

C2C has an extensive quality assurance and continuous improvement program, in addition to a long tradition of achieving the highest quality standards in all aspects of work performed. Our strong emphasis on quality has earned C2C the CMS Excellence Award six times.

Our comprehensive quality program, referred to as the Quality Management System (QMS), is ISO 9001 certified and includes documented work processes and instructions. Our QMS program promotes quality at all levels and is solidly built upon C2C’s corporate values of "Integrity, Quality and Value driving Continuous Improvement.”

C2C is also URAC-accredited as an Independent Review Organization (IRO). URAC accreditation provides third-party validation that we follow a standardized operational approach and have established reviewer qualifications, and it provides assurance that we are free from organizational or individual conflicts of interest.

Click the ISO 9001 Certified System and URAC Accredited logos below to view our certifications.

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